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” A peaceful valley, a lake where two swans can fly together. In the background rises a high mountain “

Degree of Peace and Friendship

Sympathetic nature, love for  peace and harmony, promised to a happy destiny by talent, relationships, and protections. Beneficial and rewarding associations, artistic gifts.


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This article today,  at the announcement of the death of the French actor Jean Rochefort, whom I had the pleasure of meeting sometimes on the island of Porquerolles, where he used to stay often. It was short moments but sufficiently striking that leave me the feeling of a being, of course, apparently agreeable, simple and jovial, but what marked me most was the elegance and unspeakable charm of his eyes that flirted with a form of profound sadness, made up of restraint and modesty, but above all, which seemed to invite the other to communicate directly, without any detour, in the arduous world of feelings, the one who never lies, and does not escape, for he is that of the true language of the heart.

So I can not pretend to a portrait of this actor because I did not really know him, just content myself with a few impressions, all subjective though I would like with you, to relate to what we know about our model of the Enneagram and what I believe to be his configuration.


Essay of comparaison  between an enneagram and an astrological configuration.

This is a short essay because we are only at the beginning of our research on the links between  Enneagram and astrology and certainly not the only one to do it .

I will therefore confine myself to a few little notions, little known however, but which seem to us elementary.

The theme shows a predominance of type 4, usually called the ” Tragic Romantic ” in the Ennea-schools of Enneagram, the presence of many planets in the sign of Taurus, and especially, I would say, the presence of the planet Proserpine / Haumea in exact conjunction with Asc. which is not indicated on the chart.

According to our recent observations, this planet Proserpine, when dominant , confers to the individual a sad and melancholic appearance which are the characteristics, as we know, of the type 4 mostly (common with type 5)

Is it enough to make him  a type 4, the criteria of diagnosis concerning him orienting us more towards a  Mental type 7, namely an excess of the  Wind / Desire  humor, combined with the Taoist element of  Wood (the youth , joviality, cheerfulness, optimism, kindness), as shown in the following schema :


Type  7 seems to be related on a chart  to  the presence of the planet Jupiter, either dominant on an Axis, or in Sagittarius or this sign of Sagittarius on one of the four axes of the theme (or a sun in this sign) to what the “ancients” call “joy” in a house, namely the house XI, which is the case with Jean Rochefort who has Jupiter in Gemini  in house XI. Of course, the type 7 indices are fairly meager, compared to the presence of type 4, which seems to take up the whole place in his chart, but it is without counting on Uranus on the point of MC that here signs the belonging to the Air / Social sub-type of the Enneagram and we will see how this is important in combination with type 7.

The tip of the MC is also not far from the Mars planet which indicates his  second subtype, namely the sexual subtype / Mars (YIN Fire) but also type 1 (Mars and Aries are indicators of type 1 when these are dominant, as well as  First House). We also have the presence of the sign of the Libra in the FC which is an indicator of type 5 (Venus and Libra in dominant and  5th house ). Certainly here the two arrows of type 7, namely type 1 and 5 …

But back to his 7 Air / Social type to which we think he belongs.

What do the angels say about this aspect of the type 7 ?


 Angel Daniel: type 7 Air Yin

Here i quote Charles Rafael Payeur, who you will see, describes one of the aspects of type 7, namely the type 7 Introvert / YIn, which you will agree is far from the classical type, the famous type known as “Epicurian” describes in all textbooks and schools of Enneagram and which corresponds only to the outgoing aspect of this type, the kind “american surfer ” .  Ichazo, the founding father of the Enneagram of Personality, classified the “schizotypic” (propensity to flee in dreams, attraction for the strange and the paranormal, shyness and social phobia) in type 7 , which gives some thought, when to certain clichés and shortcuts borrowed by the practitioners of the current Enneagram.

Opening  our heart with depth:

According to the teaching of the Kabbalah, Daniel belongs to the choir of the Principalities. Now this heavenly hierarchy is associated with the seventh sephirah of the tree of life, Netsah, which incarnates in the visible world in the form of Venus. Thus, in the same way as the other Principalities, Daniel’s plan of life consists essentially in sensitizing oneself to the experience of love (affective values), but also to that of beauty and harmony (aesthetic values ).

As an individual, Daniel also works with the forces of the third sephirah of the tree of life, Binah, which incarnates in the visible world in the form of Saturn. So we can conclude that the plan of life proposed by Daniel consists more precisely in becoming aware of the experience of love and beauty by showing maturity. In this sense, the individual is led to develop a deeply integral, mature and responsible emotional nature. He is also invited to associate with the other with great caution, but also with a lot of fidelity (so he must always be present to offer the other his support and unwavering support). The result is generally that feelings tend to be expressed with reserve and restraint, although they are profound and rich (the native is induced to flee in this domain any frivolity, lightness or superficiality).

Trap: Pervert its emotionality by an inhibitory puritanism

The plan of life that Daniel proposes can however be badly lived. He then leads the individual to develop a narrow puritanism that does not allow any derogation from moral rules and a fear of everything that touches sensuality and sexuality (it may even appear dirty and unhealthy). In this sense, the guilt can be strongly developed and, if the circumstances permit, the native will often adopt a sadomasochistic behavior where asceticism and self-punishment will take a prominent place. In any case, such an attitude necessarily impedes the emotional life and generates deep anxieties which can lead to a loss of virility or femininity due to a lack of self-confidence or in the partner.


I believe the description of this  Angel  Daniel rather eloquent, (there are others, according to other authors) to describe in part this actor of great  sensitivity, modesty and characteristic timidity.

I have often met people with this aspect of type 7. Unanimously, they all concentrated virtues and relational qualities such as authenticity, sincerity, depth, sensitivity, modesty, qualities that are alas so little described for type 7, but still for type 4. …

For these same reasons, these people always classify themselves and unfortunately in type 4 of the Enneagram, especially when they have a cofixation 4, as is the case here of course with Jean Rochefort

There are also many writers with this configuration, writing and literature being, moreover, in this actor very present in his life.

Summarizing :

Main type : 7

Wing  : 8

Minor Types: 9 et 4

Sub types : Air/Social et Sexual/Mars


Quote under the picture : excerpt from “La Sphère d’Or” , Gabriel , 6th degree og Gemini







This post is also available in: Français