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Risks of confusions in the diagnosis of types :

The system of enneagram abounds in traps and confusions in all kinds.

The more we study this in-depth system, the more we discover that what we believe to know and which we identify as being such or such type is being a data of the system that we are unaware of and who comes to supplement and specify the knowledge which we have of ourself and others.

The discovery of these new data come to look further into and highly complex the system, and instead of diverting the student, it must enable him to be able to sail more easily on board of this sumptuous ship that is Enneagram.This one will enable him to arrive to good port, in spite of the storms and violent winds that are resistances of our ego and the movements of our ignorance.To hold firmly the helm and to avoid the wanderings, here is the hard challenge which this formidable tool of transformation and knowledge proposes to each one of us.

Here is for the navigators who we are a small list of the traps and useful errors in order not to lose the North.

Risks of confusion which we can particularly meet between a type and a subtype, such as for example between:

– Sexual Water Yin  subtype (or sentimental) with  a type 4 , ex : Emmanuelle Béart

– Sexual Water Yang  subtype  (or (Passionate ) with types 2, 3 and 4 (emotional types) : ex : Sharon Stone

– Sexual  Fire Yang  subtype (Coleric) with a type 8, or  1, ex : Tony Blair

– Selfpreservation/Earth Yang subtype ( Sanguin/epicurean) with  a type 7 or 9, ex: Coluche

– Air Yin  subtype ( Apathetic) with a type 5 or 4 , ex : Virginia Wolf

– Air Yang  subtype (phlegmatic) with Mental types : 5,6,7, ex :Claire Chazal

– a  Space subtype  (Bouddha family) with  a type 9 , ex : Einstein

– a type 1 Introvert (Fire Yin )  with  a type 4 or an  emotional type, ex : Lady Diana

– a type 7  Introvert  (Wood Yin ) Yin with a type 5 or 6, ex : Woody Allen


This list concerns the most frequent risks of confusion, but there are many others, and that is to take a cofixation for a type, for example a type 1 cofixation 6 for a 6 especially if the person has a  subtype Air / Social, which “mentalizes” the subject, etc …

It is easy to see that these confusions on the list relate essentially to the different aspects of subtypes.

As you know, from three, the subtypes have moved to 4 with the extension of the sexual subtype in two (the masculine / Mars and the feminine / Venus), each of these four subtypes being declined in Yang mode (extrovert) and Yin (introverted) bringing these subtypes to the number of eight.

These eight subtypes have been linked to the 8 characters of Gaston Berger / Le Senne), the Wisdom Buddhist  Families , and the characters of W Reich

There is two  complete articles on the whole model of the eight sub-types in the Enneagram, unfortunately it exists only in English, published in the magazine américian: “Enneagram Monthly”, issue 211 and 224

This post is also available in: Français