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Hermes / Mercury God of messengers and thieves


Auvergne, Winter 2006

sorry for approximative translation

Hermes / Mercury, God of commerce and thieves finds its place in the 8th sphere of Kabbalah, named Hod, symbolizing Pure Intelligence and the power of conceptualization.

This 8th sephirah corresponds to the type 7 of the Enneagram,

Here  a few key words : intelligence, abstraction, conceptualization, rationalization, order, polemic, illusion, distortion, trickery, lying, deceit, dishonesty, mental image, magic, velocity, vivacity, vision of splendor, eternity, youth and of course the most important, the hermaphrodite (masculine-feminine). We also find restriction, inhibition, rigidity.

In its luminous aspect, Hod corresponds to the power of conceptualization, of intelligibility of man, to his power of discernment and knowledge (the caduceus) enabling him to communicate with the most subtle plans of the Divine.

In its obscure side, it refers to a notion of excessive logic, doubt and rationalization, wandering, blindness, illusion, lying, cunning, distortion and travesty of reality. Man remains hermetically closed to the divine spheres and to the essence of things (C. R. Payeur).

How does this fact that these wonderful keywords appear in any textbooks and courses of Enneagram refering to Kabbalah ?

By what incredible magic trick, the key words, lying, deceit, dishonesty, masculine / feminine, are found in type 3?

And what about the gluttony ranked in type 7 ?

Or is it still this thief of Mercury who stole the crown from his rival father, the good, powerful and magnanimous King / Jupiter, attributed to Hesed, the 4th sephirah, and corresponding to the type 3 of the enneagram and of which a few key words, according to CR Payeur: Grace, righteousness, obedience, conformism, idolatry, superficiality, hypocrisy, excess zeal, enthusiasm, productivity, abundance, fructification, insecurity, greed, gluttony, waste.

By what skillful subterfuge the 7 is described in the Enneagram as a rude gluttonous, and planner, well in his life and in his sneakers. ?

Why Ichazo’s description of the schizotypal , how precious, concerning the 7, according to the DSM 4, is obliterated from the textbooks: phobia and social embarrassment, shyness and complexity, cognitive and perceptual distortions, magical thinking, attraction for the paranormal , etc. (the 7 Yin type according to us).

How many people  type 7  I have met , very often men, who are classified in type 3, or 5 or 6  by default, of these  multiple knowledge and subtleties peculiar to the enneagram.


What about those many keywords distributed pell-mells around the enneagram, like an unbelievable deck of cards?

Will the Enneagram one day give birth to all its secrets?

Type 3 is identified to his persona. He lost contact with his true Self. The persona is a part of the collective unconscious that is appropriated so as to be socially acceptable. One conforms to an image, to a model in an exaggerated way, one passes his personal worries after the collective needs. The good King / Hesed put himself at the service of his people. He is upright and has only one word and does not like to disappoint. He identifies himself with the task to be accomplished which in general is Olympian.

Hod / type 7 symbolizes the power of conceptualization and mentalization (Mercury). He has multiple projects that he has difficulty to follow, he disperses and struggles to follow his commitments. His vision is fragmentary and linear. (Left brain / mental-analytic)

Hesed / type 3 symbolizes the power of synthesis and anabolism (Jupiter). He slaughters a ton of work by excessive conformity, anticipation and excess zeal. His vision is panoramic, global and synthetic. (Right brain / mental-synthetic )



The Insight that Brings Us to the Other Shore


while practicing deeply with
the Insight that Brings Us to the Other Shore,
suddenly discovered that
all of the five Skandhas are equally empty,
and with this realisation
he overcame all Ill-being.

“Listen Sariputra,
this Body itself is Emptiness
and Emptiness itself is this Body.
This Body is not other than Emptiness
and Emptiness is not other than this Body.
The same is true of Feelings,
Perceptions, Mental Formations,
and Consciousness.

“Listen Sariputra,
all phenomena bear the mark of Emptiness;
their true nature is the nature of
no Birth no Death,
no Being no Non-being,
no Defilement no Purity,
no Increasing no Decreasing.

“That is why in Emptiness,
Body, Feelings, Perceptions,
Mental Formations and Consciousness
are not separate self entities.

The Eighteen Realms of Phenomena
which are the six Sense Organs,
the six Sense Objects,
and the six Consciousnesses
are also not separate self entities.

The Twelve Links of Interdependent Arising
and their Extinction
are also not separate self entities.
Ill-being, the Causes of Ill-being,
the End of Ill-being, the Path,
insight and attainment,
are also not separate self entities.

Whoever can see this
no longer needs anything to attain.

Bodhisattvas who practice
the Insight that Brings Us to the Other Shore
see no more obstacles in their mind,
and because there
are no more obstacles in their mind,
they can overcome all fear,
destroy all wrong perceptions
and realize Perfect Nirvana.

“All Buddhas in the past, present and future
by practicing
the Insight that Brings Us to the Other Shore
are all capable of attaining
Authentic and Perfect Enlightenment.

“Therefore Sariputra,
it should be known that
the Insight that Brings Us to the Other Shore
is a Great Mantra,
the most illuminating mantra,
the highest mantra,
a mantra beyond compare,
the True Wisdom that has the power
to put an end to all kinds of suffering.
Therefore let us proclaim
a mantra to praise
the Insight that Brings Us to the Other Shore.

Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha!
Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha!
Gate, Gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha!”

” A peaceful valley, a lake where two swans can fly together. In the background rises a high mountain “

Degree of Peace and Friendship

Sympathetic nature, love for  peace and harmony, promised to a happy destiny by talent, relationships, and protections. Beneficial and rewarding associations, artistic gifts.


Sorry for very approximative translation

This article today,  at the announcement of the death of the French actor Jean Rochefort, whom I had the pleasure of meeting sometimes on the island of Porquerolles, where he used to stay often. It was short moments but sufficiently striking that leave me the feeling of a being, of course, apparently agreeable, simple and jovial, but what marked me most was the elegance and unspeakable charm of his eyes that flirted with a form of profound sadness, made up of restraint and modesty, but above all, which seemed to invite the other to communicate directly, without any detour, in the arduous world of feelings, the one who never lies, and does not escape, for he is that of the true language of the heart.

So I can not pretend to a portrait of this actor because I did not really know him, just content myself with a few impressions, all subjective though I would like with you, to relate to what we know about our model of the Enneagram and what I believe to be his configuration.


Essay of comparaison  between an enneagram and an astrological configuration.

This is a short essay because we are only at the beginning of our research on the links between  Enneagram and astrology and certainly not the only one to do it .

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The 72 Names of God or Angels in the zodiac

The 72 “Angels” require a little explanation.

Their origin goes back to the Hebrew tradition, and comes from the Psalm of the bible which speaks of the exodus and from which are drawn the 72 names of God.

This Psalm has three sentences of 72 letters each. By taking the first three letters of each of the three sentences you get a first name and so forth to give 72 names which each have 3 letters. The Hebrew tradition arranges the 72 names on the circle of the Zodiac from the 0 ° of Aries and thus each name corresponds to 5°. Thus, each sign of the Zodiac (30 °) contains 6 names (6 X 12 = 72).

This was the support of various spiritual practices in this tradition. During the Italian renaissance, some synergy occurs between the Jewish and Christian traditions, and the 72 names of God became 72 angels.

So please understand these Angels not as external beings, but as divine energies symbolized on the Zodiac and that we carry inside us.




The Rosace of the 72 Angels around the zodiac


There are 4 other levels of distribution of these Angels linked to the 4 Elements in this order Earth Water Fire Air.

If we put one Angel for 5 ° we get the Angel of Earth or the angel that governs the physical plane. If we put an Angel by degree (72 angels will occupy therefore 72 degrees and there will be 5 rounds of 72 angel on the year) it will gives us approximately an Angel by day, and this corresponds to the Angel of the water or the emotional Angel.

If one put the 72 Angels on a week (7.2 degree exactly, there will be 50 cycles of 72 angels) we get the Angel of fire or Angel of intuition. If we put the 72 angels on a day we get the Angel of Air or Angel of the mental. And finally, (but there we’ll talk another day) the 5 ° Angel is the Angel of Space or Angel of our deepest identity.

His knowledge is obtained through analogy with the Enneagram.


The 72 Angels or Archetypes in the Enneagram :

The link we did between these 72 energies and the Enneagram is possible because in our model we identified 8 subtypes (4 yin and yang 4 = 8) combining with the 9 types (8 X 9 = 72). The fourth subtype being as you know it now, the famous Sxvenus subtype, opposed to the Sxmars subytpe (See article in Enneagram Monthly  , issue 211 and 224 )

The link made between the 72 angels and 72 archetypes of the Enneagram has not been it following our inspiration or understanding but by a quite elaborate mathematical calculation and that we eventually checked in practice by observation. 

I say this because when we say that such an Angel is linked to such type of the Enneagram is not by a psychological reflection that we got there but by a logic mathematical calculation, which is much deeper.

Thus these 72 Angels or Archetypes of the Enneagram do not rank in the order of the zodiac (the first Angel in type 1, etc.), but according to a very precise order related to the four elements and their correspondences with the eight subtypes of each 9 Types

We have Angels of Fire, two by type,  so 18 Angels of Fire, then 18 Angels of Water, then Air, then Earth, which makes 72 Angels in total that cover the whole  Model of the “ Enneagram as we have elaborated it.

As example, for  type 1 :

Fire Yang  1(sexua l Mars) : Angel Vehuel n° 1

Fire Yin 1   (sexual Mars ): Angel Jeliel n°2


Air Yang 1 (social ) : Angel Aniel n° 37

Air Yin 1 (social ) : Angel Haamiah n°38

For copyright reasons, we cannot publish here the totality of the  Angels classification in the Enneagram. Thanks for understanding

To be  followed, if you like it …

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Alain Delon in the movie “The Leopard ” by Luchino Visconti

The air aspect of Fire (under sexual-Mars / Social)


Sorry for the approximative translation

The Subtypes of the Enneagram and the  Minor Tarot cards :

I have long wanted to tell you about the link we have made between the types of the Enneagram, their  subtypes, and the Tarot cards.

I know that for many it all seems mysterious, having not yet published anything on the subject, and in particular on our methodology of research which explains each one of our classifications.

In appearance these new classifications seem to complicate the model, but in reality it sheds unexpected light on the types of the Enneagram, but also and especially, on the famous subtypes, the badly named ones of the rest. ..

Thus we see that each subtype, independently of its associated type, has a definition of its own.

I will not enter here in more details, just maybe remember that a subtype is never, “pure”, but always associated with a second one that is minor

For example we can be a Social   and Sexual Mars at the same time, or Autopreservation and Social, etc …

As you know, for those who already follow our work, each subtype corresponds to an element of Tradition and, as we see it today, to one of the four figures of the Tarot:

Sexual Mars = Fire (Wands)

Sexual Venus = Water (Cups)

Social = Air (Swords)

Autopreservation = Earth (Pentacles)

Each figure is married to each other, so we can have the Cavalier de Coupes (the fire aspect of Water,  or the Sexual/Venus  subtype combined with sexual Mars ), the Queen of Swords (the water aspect of the Air, or the Social / Sexual venus  sub-type), the Queen of Disks (the water aspect of the Earth, or Self-preservation / sexual venus subtype), etc, etc …

Working on illustrating one of these combinations, namely the air aspect of the Fire, or in other words the Sexual Mars associated with the social sub-type in which I put Alain Delon amongst others, I come across the definition of the Prince of Aleister Crowley’s book “The Book of Toth,” which is to be mistaken only that of Trancède, the beautiful nephew of the Prince of Salina, in Luchino Visconti’s movie “The Leopard ” beauty is matched only by his intrepid and impetuous youth and rebellion. If we look at interviews on  Alain Delon, this definition suits him like a glove, which seems to stick to his skin … and to his character of Trancède, many years later !

The Prince of Wands :

The prince of Wands  tends sometimes to act on an impulse. To undergo external influences, sometimes indecisive, and  particularly for things without importance,. He is often violent, especially when he  expresses an opinion, but this one to which he  seems so formal does not necessarily entail him. He affirms with force only for the pleasure of asserting. In fact he will be very slow to make a decision, but he will always consider a question in its two aspects. Fundamentally just, he instinctively leaps that justice can not be achieved in the intellectual sphere. Excessively noble and generous of character, he can be an extravagant boastful and laughing discreetly about his boasting and his author. Fiercely romantic in particular to all that relates to history and tradition, he will make a sensational blow or make savvy jokes. He can choose a harmless person and cover him with all the jokes possible for years as Swift tormented the unfortunate Partrigde; all this without the least animosity and being ready to give him his shirt if his victim needed it. His sense of humor spares nothing and can make him a mysterious figure. fear for no reason by people who ignore everything except his name – a symbol of Terror. Pride is one of his greatest defects. He exasperates me with all mediocrity and insignificance. His courage is inexhaustible and his resistance indefatigable Always in struggle against superior forces, he always ends by winning. The main cause of all this is the immense ability to work for the job. “Without covetousness” of the result. The haughty contempt with which he considers the world-a contempt coexisting nevertheless with a profound respect marveled for every man and every woman as “star” is perhaps responsible for his attitude …

In its more negative aspect the character degenerates and we can find a great cruelty, partly imprinted with sadism and partly provoked by the insensibility that results from indifference, it can be also intolerant, partial, indolent. Finally he can also be a braggart with a hollow mind or a great coward.

Ennea -configuration of Alain Delon, in our opinion:

Mental center

Type 5

Wing 4

Cofixations: 1 and 3

Sub-types: Sexual Fire and Social

Isabelle Huppert

Type 1 Social of the Enneagram (according to our criteria)

“Pretty woman on horseback, galloping, brandishing a red flag” Degree of Implusion and Success


A small incursion today into the Arcane of the Enneagram, its decans, degrees, fifths and associated planets, and you will also see it in Dr. Bach’s magnificent work about his 38 Flowers which correspond, according to our recent works, to each of the 9 types (sub-types included) of theEnneagram …
The purpose is not to explain in this post how we have classified these different Flowers in the Enneagram, because it would lead us too far.

This complex methodology of research will be explained and detailed in a forthcoming and detailed work.

But what is Isabelle Huppert doing in all this …?

The Sun having just entered the sign of Libra, I set out to find examples of Enneagram types that could illustrate my purpose and in particular the first decan of the sign of Libra which corresponds to Venus.

If I refer to my table, this first decan, also marked by Angel No. 37 Aniel, corresponds to Type 1 Air (social )  Yang and Bach flower Scléranthus

Few examples of famous personalities came to my mind, except maybe Claire Chazal and Isabelle Huppert, who, according to our criteria, (I always specify it) are both Type 1 Social (Air) of the Enneagram , and rather of the Yang / extrovert type, the limit is never very clear between the Yin and the Yang (introversion, extraversion), but useful to enter deeper and deeper into a detailed definition in terms of psychological profile.

If I look more closely at the table, I also note the 5 degrees of the first decan of the Libra, of which here is a fine definition that may well apply to Isabelle Huppert (source Gabirel “La Sphère d’Or” ):

“Pretty woman on horseback, galloping, brandishing a red standard” Degree of Impulse and Success

and then for that same degree another image, very pretty:

The rising sun, surrounded by a flaming crown and radiating around itself:

Definition: flamboyant nature, carried away by a passionate ideal, which will show the way and triumph over difficulties, illuminating and charming around oneself. Danger from exaggerated passion. Talent, popularity, success (artistic).


The Bach Flower Scléranthus

The Type 1 Air (social) is also marked by the Scléranthus remedy. Here are some key words (cf Dr. Blome Götz):

Positifs aspects:

Curiosity, alertness

Clear vision and no preconceived opinions of things and prejudices

Fair and impartial view of things

Good discernment, sees the positive and negative sides at once

Tolerant, balanced, adaptable nature

Openness and flexibility

A frank and decisive mind


Négatifs  aspects

Internal tearing

Unable to make a decision

Concentration difficult, confused,

Lack of discernment

Lack of dynamism and decision-making

Stress due to changes (occupations, place of life, relationships)


There is a link between this Bach Flower, this type 1 Air of the Enneagram and the minor blade of the Tarot, the two sword blade, of which I would complete this article later

The return of Proserpine

Frederic Leighton


About Proserpine, here is a short excerpt of an article that should appear soon.

This excerpt completes a previous post on this blog, devoted to Angel Rochel

The Proserpine Complex

The mysteries of Eleusis, the main and oldest cult of the Greek religion, lasted about 2000 years (-1450 to + 392). They were closely connected to the myth of Demeter and Persephone.

The myth reflects the notion of transformation and the cyclical nature of life. Existence does not stop with death because there is no death; There is only the change from one state of being to another, symbolized by the decomposition of the seed in the earth and its reappearance in the form of a living being which rises towards the light.

Thus the initiations to the mysteries of Eleusis were probably close to what the survivors of the experiments of imminent death (EMI) report or what is experienced in transpersonal therapy, during the holotropic breathing sessions (what the psychiatrist Stanislav Grof called the perinatal matrices).

There is, then, in the complex of Proserpine a strong need for spiritual initiation to the truths of life and death, of deep exploration of the psyche and of complete and radical transformation of being without compromise for worldliness and the superficial visions of reality. These people are shamans, spiritual healers, mediums. They have a great aptitude for the phenomena of trance, they have visions and they naturally have psychic powers – healing, clairvoyance, telepathy, …

The dynamics of Proserpine through myth is centered around fusion and separation, possession and emancipation, ignorance and knowledge.

In the first part of his life the Proserpine individual is in fusion with or possessed by one or both his parents, and possibly later by a spouse.

She is too kind, unable to say no, hard to know and to respect her limits, victim, impotent, present of compassion, sensitive to the needs of others, too emotional, difficult to name emotions, imaginative, great need to withdraw, to isolate himself, a child who plays alone, his sensitivity does not conform to family norms, unorthodox, unconventional, traumas in childhood physical or psychic, woman child unaware of its sexual attractiveness.

Although the subject has propensities to mystical work, spirituality often bursts into life suddenly or even brutally in the form of mystical experiences, meeting with a partner or a master. This can also be the result of separation or grief.

This event will initiate the demerger, the separation from the family environment, which often leads to quite strong reactions from those who exercised a power over her (like Demeter).

From this moment the subject Proserpine will start a process of reintegration of his inner power. She is able to tell her truth rather than wanting to please others, knows how to put healthy limits, knows how to take care of her, has reinstated her masculine interior, the animus, which means that she developed her affirmed nature, and active, music, nature and mystical experiences recharge it, it is mystical, visionary, connected with spiritual guides and minds, it becomes capable of guiding others in their subterranean worlds, with great finesse, compassion, of intuition and of wisdom.

Sometimes, and this is the other aspect of the Proserpine planet, the subject will identify with Demeter, the possessive, jealous, vindictive and cruel mother who regents and instrumentalises those around her, her partner and her children. If those on whom it exercises its power try to get rid of it, it can become very hard or emotionally blackmail. It is often at this point that she begins a process of transformation where she can accept that loving attention to her loved ones goes hand in hand with a full and complete acceptance of the suffering of a separation that sooner or later come.

Finally, Proserpine teaches us to become aware of the impermanence of phenomena and of human life in particular. It teaches us to face the fear of death in order to do the work of growth and let go. To see beyond the captivating shimmering of appearances, to transcend the attachment to possession in order to realize the non-existence of phenomena and the Self, is the ultimate teaching delivered by Proserpine.

To be continued …

The Three Graces of Sandro Botticelli


One of the most interesting systems is Astrology because it describes the cycles of life, also well outer (the events), somatic (chronobiology) than those of our emotions. You can of course use the planetary positions, but in our practice by the attention and awareness we can observe the macrocycles (from birth to death) and the microcycles of our existence. For this the twelve signs of the Zodiac are an excellent model.

The twelve signs are divided into four quarters: East – spring (child), South – summer (maturity), West – fall (decline) and North – winter (finiteness). Each quarter is divided into three signs,

the first is Cardinal (entry into the season solstice or Equinox), the second fixed (the middle of the season) and the third Mutable (the phase of transition with the following season). Cardinal = drive, creation, dynamism, action, heat, speed. Fixed = receptive, slowness, coldness, stability. Mutable = Exchange, communication, relationship, instability, change, mutation.

The child is born and develops very quickly this is the dynamic phase (Aries). Then phase of stabilization (Taurus), finally it opens to the outer world from adolescence until age 21 (Gemini). Etc…This can apply to a project, a company, a relationship, etc…

There are several links with the Enneagram: types 1 2 and 3 are Cardinal, 4, 5 and 6 fixed and 7, 8 and 9 mutable. Then there is some sub cycles: 4, 7 and 1 are Cardinal, 2, 5, 8 are fixed and 3, 6 and 9 are mutable.

So the 1 is cardinal cardinal, 2 cardinal fixed and the 3 cardinal mutable. 4 is fixed fixed 5 cardinal fixed and 6 fixed mutable 7 is mutable cardinal, the 8 mutable fixed and 9 mutable mutable. Combined with the 4 subtypes Earth, water, Air and fire, we get for example
the 1 sx fire = cardinal cardinal fire = first decan of Aries
the 1 sx water = cardinal cardinal water = first decan of Cancer
the 1 air (social) = cardinal cardinal Air = first decan of the Balance
1 earth (self-preservation) = cardinal cardinal Earth = first decan of Capricorn

We can therefore say that the 1 is cardinal/cardinal so particularly committed towards a goal, dynamic, hyperactive, wanting to control and do not support barriers. If the 1 is sx fire, it is the first decan of Aries : speed impatience and anger dominates. If the 1 is sx water, it’s the first decan of Cancer, need for harmony in the couple, if the 1 is (social) air, it’s the first decan of Libra, a lot of hesitation and need for harmony in social relations, if the 1 is Earth (self preservation): it’s the first decan of Capricorn, domination by material (wants a safe status).

Sophie Andersen



From the Angel Rochel to the planet Proserpine :


I wanted to tell you a bit about Angel Rochel, who just lent me a hand last night for two things that I had “lost” for a good month and of which I could not remember the place where I had been able to lose them, or to lay hands on them in any place likely to have deposited them there.

Angel Rochel, no. 69, named Angel of the Restitution is known to help find lost objects, maybe some of you who know the Angels have already experienced it?

I must say that I am interested in Angels especially since we have done our work on the Enneagram and their astonishing concordances with it, but from there to invoke them for any ritual of “magic” or other, in difficult opportunities to help in the realization of projects or business, etc … not of all this …

However, I must admit that in accordance with the science and observation of the ancients, who attribute for each Angel an annual, weekly, daily and hourly period, that this science seems to be based on a reality …

Returning to my objects, without necessarily great values ​​except perhaps the first, since it is a mala (Buddhist rosary) that I had taken on a trip and which had recently been blessed by His Holiness Karmapa in Grenoble. I had taken care to put it in a little satchel, which looks something like the angel in illustration. The second object, a phone charger …

It was impossible for a month to put my hand on it, I look, think, try to remind me where I have been able to store these objects … Nothing to do … and it is not for lack of seeking, on the contrary, in short, annoying at the end …

Last night around 11 am, after meditating, I come back to the charge …! But where are these  things and this pink mala, it must be somewhere, anyway! , … And I go straight to a bag I had forgotten in which I had dropped it for an afternoon, … Completely forgotten, the most amazing is that at the same time, there comes to me a glimmer of memory for my charger, Yes but of course I was looking for it in the wrong place, it had stayed on a plug at an incongruous place.

Happy like a mother who found her young, I lie down, telling myself that I was going to check the next day the time slice of Rochel …

Bingo !! The time slot devoted to the Angel Rochel is 10:40 pm to 11 pm !!!

And the connection with the Ennagram, in all this? !

Well I’ll tell you …

Our recent work on Bach flowers, astrology, and decans in particular, show that the 8 Yang Earth type of the Enneagram is directly connected to this Angel Rochel, the Chicory remedy and … to the planet Proserpine (Perséphone ) …

We know that Demeter sought her long-month-old daughter, captured by Hades in the underworld … Her torments were legal for her love and dedication to her only daughter, whom she could hardly let live, free, far from her, and far from her everlasting fears and worries of mother …

Upcoming articles and books are being written about this exciting topic.

To be continued…

September 8, feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary inspires us to talk about the astrological sign of Virgo and Bacchus his astrological regent and see their links with the Enneagram.

There is a similarity between the myth of Dionysus/Bacchus and that of Christ. Benedict XVI notes in his Jesus of Nazareth: “as […] The Lord gave the bread and wine as the carriers of the new Covenant, it is certainly not forbidden to think […] and to see reflected in the Cana story the mystery of the Logos and its cosmic liturgy, in which the myth of Dionysus [Bacchus] is completely transformed while being driven to his hidden truth. »

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