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I wanted to speak briefly today about the Lotus / Padma Wisdom Family one of the five Wisdom  Families found in Tibetan Buddhism, corresponding to the five main emotions namely  :

Diamant / Vajra family :  Anger,

Lotus / Padma : Desire,

Activity / Karma  : Jealousy,

Jewels / Ratna  :  Pride

Awakening / Buddha  :  Ignorance

We have stated in previous articles the different correlations existing between  these 5 families and the typological systems of Jung, Le Senne and Reich, among  and  of course with the subytpes of the Enneagram. So  I would like the reader to refer in particular to the article: “Subtypes, a new and integrative vision “, (not translated into French yet)


Desire and Passion

In tantric Buddhism, this energy is called Padma. “Padma, literally means “lotus flower.” The symbol of the enlightened Padma family is the lotus, which grows and blooms in the mud, yet still comes out pure and clean, virginal and clear. Padma neurosis is connected with passion, a grasping quality and a desire to possess. We are completely wrapped up in desire and want only to seduce the world, without concern for real communication. A person with Padma neurosis speaks gently, fantastically gently, and he or she is seemingly very sexy, kind, magnificent, and completely accommodating. When padma neurosis is transmuted, it become fantastically precise and aware; it turns into tremendous interest and inquisitiveness. Everything is seen in its own distinct way with its own particular qualities and characteristics. Thus the wisdom of padma is called discriminating-awareness wisdom” (Chögyam Trungpa, Journey without a goal).

Padma/Lotus based characters presents themselves as charming persons, be they men or women. They are seductive, soft, very sensitive, prone to emotion, highly sympathetic, sentimental, romantic, sometimes a little bit sugary or pedantic. Often they physical traits are very fine and delicate.  There are much softness, grace and beauty in this type.

On the Jungian function it’s feeling. Feeling is how we like or dislike a sensation, based on its agreeable or unpleasant quality. If it’s agreeable, our feeling will like, and on the contrary, will dislike.


Positive aspects:

Compassion, love, affection, kindness, intuition, openness of heart, contact, harmony, empathy, kindness, affability, sweetness, charm, delicacy, refined taste, finesse, love of art and beauty, artistry, loving state, romance, seduction, magnetism, charisma, attractiveness, sensitivity, sensuality, pleasure, intimacy, purity, pristinity.

Negative aspects:

Desire and obsessive attachment. burning, all-consuming and destructive Passion. Desire to please. Great need for love. Need for intimacy, fusion, attention. Excessive dependence. He lives in the eyes of the other. Intense heartache. Feels lack cruelly. Feelings of abandonment, separation, isolation, loss, desolation. Depression. Melancholy. Emotional instability and credulity. Frivolity. Lust. Erotomania. Perversion. Manipulation. Hysteria.


Enneagram :

This family corresponds according to us to the fourth subtype of the Enneagram, that we called Sexual Venus, in opposition to the Sexual Mars, more masculine

Warning ! : This  Padma / Lotus Family  is, according to our observations, always confused with type 4, or possibly 2 or 6 of the Enneagram … Caution !

We can find in every type this beautiful energy, even in a type 8 or 1 or 9 etc….( Ex : Angelina Jolie, type 5, Emmanuelle Béart, type 1, Sharon Stone type 8, etc )

Excerpts ,  Book in progress …

Thank you for your angel’s patience  …