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September 8, feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary inspires us to talk about the astrological sign of Virgo and Bacchus his astrological regent and see their links with the Enneagram.

There is a similarity between the myth of Dionysus/Bacchus and that of Christ. Benedict XVI notes in his Jesus of Nazareth: “as […] The Lord gave the bread and wine as the carriers of the new Covenant, it is certainly not forbidden to think […] and to see reflected in the Cana story the mystery of the Logos and its cosmic liturgy, in which the myth of Dionysus [Bacchus] is completely transformed while being driven to his hidden truth. »

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kiniko 15

Picture : Thomas Edwin Mostyn     Enora Malagré : type 2, wing 1      Alizée : type 3 (no wing for 3)     Jennifer Lawrence : type 7, wing 8          Prince Harry : type 4, wing 5,              Lady Gaga : type 2, wing 1        Karl Lagerfeld : type 5, wing 4

Portrait Georges Clairin


 Sarah Bernhardt’s configuration ( 1844-1923 ) :

For us, Sarah Bernhardt’s type couldn’t be in any cases of a type 4, in which it would have been very tempting to class in for this great artist, whose nickname was “the golden voice”, but in the type 7 of enneagram.

Centre : Mental

Type 7

Wing : type 8

Cofix : type 4, et type 8

Subtypes/Elements : Air/Feu


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