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type 4

Wild Rose

Type 4 Air/Social


I would like to talk to you today about the Bach Flower  Wild Rose,  flower that I know well since it corresponds to the Type 4 Air that is, this is no longer a secret for anyone, my type and my subtype in  the Enneagram system  (4 social)

I composed this mixage a few days ago without knowing that I was going to use it for this little article … An additional evodence may be  that the essences of the Flowers participate in an absolutely vibrating way to the soul of our world by doing the delicate and subtle echoes of the field of our psyche, especially as we will see it, this Flower also corresponds to the Angels n ° 43 and 44 (from Oct 25 to Nov 2) which we cross the sphere of influence today  where I am writing  this post …


Type 4 Air/Social

Here is a short defintion, as we described it :

Air: defeat/Resignation

In this configuration the disabled complex is centered on the feeling of being the scapegoat of someone who wants to trouble and disarmed us. We are beating in retreat.

Yang: The type 4 in its extroverted aspect will compensate the feeling of defeat by taking the role of the one seeking quarrel and who will knowingly abuse each other and humiliate them so that he will beat in retreat. This attitude is fundamentally based on a paranoid vision of things and leads the individual to find himself isolated from the others.

Yin: The type 4 in his introverted aspect will be resigned to his fate of scapegoat. He found himself disarmed and the target of a perverse and sadistic individual who will ill-treat until he beat in retreat.



Wild Rose :

Apathy, lack of will and resignation :

According to Dr. Edward Bach this Flower is used as a basic treatment of apathy, resignation, lack of fit and enthusiasm.

“Harmoniously developed, the Wild Rose type is able to adapt to constantly changing situations without losing sight of the positive side. He has no problem with his destiny because he gives himself up fearlessly and without resistance to the greater powers that determine everything in this life. As a realist in the best sense, he never tries to make reality (that which has happened) into something different but instead has an innocent, positive attitude and takes everything as it comes. His lack of prejudice and refusal to take things for granted makes it difficult for him to encounter any situation that will make him unhappy. Like a sapling that sways with the wind, he allows himself to be taken here and there by the whims of fate, dreamily, playfully, and willingly. He never looks at reality with preconceptions or stubborn ideas; he can see things with an inner freedom and innocence that allow him to make the best of anything he encounters.”

“Unfavorably developed, his passive, accepting nature can get the better of him. He allows himself to go through life without will or drive, and he has no interest in his life; he develops a kind of resignation that has a hint of a departure from life. He is no longer able to clearly assess his situation, to take reasonable countermeasures when required, or to ask for help. The Wild Rose syndrome does not usually consist of extreme resignation but of a lessened enthusiasm and a tendency just to let things run as they are. One has the impression that the Wild Rose type uses only a fraction of his potential and does not develop himself fully. He is not able to accomplish as much as he should and needs to stop and rest often, which leads to a limited life. If he should start a project, he comes immediately to a halt, like a vehicle stuck in the sand. His potential remains unfulfilled, he just hangs around aimlessly, and, even when things are not going well for him, he can’t pick himself up to do anything about it. He’ll do nothing to change an unhealthy living situation, he’ll stay with a lousy marriage, and he’ll take any wretched situation as it comes. If his behavior were a conscious and aware answer to an unavoidable circumstance, it would make sense as a kind of survival tactic. In this case, however, it is a sign of a pathological lack of interest and vitality and an extensive loss of creativity.” Read more Dr Gotz Blome “Advanced Bach Flower Therapy ”


Wild Rose corresponds,  according to our work,  to type 4 Air Social

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