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Monthly Archives: September 2017

September 8, feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary inspires us to talk about the astrological sign of Virgo and Bacchus his astrological regent and see their links with the Enneagram.

There is a similarity between the myth of Dionysus/Bacchus and that of Christ. Benedict XVI notes in his Jesus of Nazareth: “as […] The Lord gave the bread and wine as the carriers of the new Covenant, it is certainly not forbidden to think […] and to see reflected in the Cana story the mystery of the Logos and its cosmic liturgy, in which the myth of Dionysus [Bacchus] is completely transformed while being driven to his hidden truth. »

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Luna , de Charles Edward Hallé (British painter) 1846 – 1914

Astrology and the Enneagram, the subject is vast and constitutes the last part of our research, the most important one may be, which risks not being completed before many years …

I have already wrote about  this topic on our group: “Enneagramm and Beyond …”, articles and books are being written.

I will try to give some glimpses, as here,  with this beautiful portrait, which I must say, inspires me greatly and  marvellously  illustrates our latest advances …

For those who know a little about astrology, and for the profane moreover, the expression of this face and of the whole picture reveals an impression of grace, harmony, sweetness, peace also which is proper to the sign of Libra (dignified by Venus and Saturn). One could see there the mark of a Sun in Libra, of a Venus, or even of the Moon in this sign. Maybe even a Moon as a sign of Water, like Cancer or Pisces, there is something “airish” land light, which comes out of this picture, which makes me think more of a sign of Air in effect, like Libra justly.

Very difficult, isn’t ,  to speak in a vacuum, when we have no coordinates, no ephemerides, just our simple intuition, and subjectivity …

The Enneagram, the key to mystery ?

And if the Enneagram brought us this key that we lack and which, in any case, far from competing with Astrology, opens up unexpected fields of observation by revealing itself with unparalleled accuracy and precision.

Let us examine this case. According to our criteria, this person does not correspond to a type 4 of the Enneagram, characterized by an excess of Bile / Angry humor  (fanaticism, hardness of heart, feeling of exclusion, dissatisfaction), as many would think . I could expand on it here, but many articles and comments have already been devoted to this thorny subject …

We could also think that it could correspond to a subtype called “Sexual Venus” related to one of the 5 Wisdom Family, called Padma / Lotus (charm, desire for intimacy, need for love, seduction, beauty, compassion), to which she  seems to belong,also,  but in second place I think …

What, then, is the configuration of the Enneagram that corresponds most to this energy Venus, Moon in Libra, as we mentioned above?

Our recent researches between the types of the Enneagram and the astrological symbolism give us the following table:

We find on the left at the bottom of this table the astrological correspondences of Type 1 Air Yin (Social)

We see that this Type 1 Air Yin is marked by the Moon and Venus in Libra. Let us not go into detail anymore, which would make the subject too complex, perhaps by adding that the associated Angel Haamiah is ruled by Mars and Venus (still Venus) and depicts people with an extremely seductive temperament who likes to please, polish and refined in its relations

We also know that the keyword of Type 1 Air is Peace, Harmony, according to our work.

We can say that type 1 air Yin (social), especially with a 9 wing as it appears to be the case here is marked by a very strong need for harmony, to be loved and to please, taste  for refinement and aesthetics, pronounced artistic sense , etc …

This magnificent portait  is called “Luna”, where the moon glows dimly in the soothed sky of Libra, which watches with gentleness and wisdom to the harmonization of forces and energies all wrapped in silk and draperies Venus …


In all Enneagram schools, a person with a compulsion to help and save sentient beings is systematically, and quite unfortunately, classified in type 2, which is extremely reductive according to our criteria, and little in keeping with the inherent richness to this Model and its many facets and subtleties

How many people, often women, have been classified in this type 2 when they obviously do not correspond to an emotional type, but to an instinctive type.

This type 1, which many people dislike because it is described essentially as controlled, into resentment and excessive perfectionism, conceals in its midst many treasures of virtue and wisdom, such as that generosity, altruism and benevolence.

Our work on the Angels of the Ennegram shows that the Sexual Type 1 Mars Yin corresponds to the Angel No. 2 named Jeliel, whom Tradition also calls the Helping Angel. The two planets devolved to him are Neptune and Saturn, we also find the two key words: Love and Wisdom for this Angel whose compassion, willingness to save and help, and commitment to altruistic causes is all (see the pianist Hélène Grimaud who, just 20 years old, set up a Wolf Conservation Center in Connecticut). In this regard, this Angel is also known for his love of animals and for desperate causes.

To illustrate my little talk of today, here is this beautiful story, found this morning on the Net:

“When I was 13, I spent a summer in a summer camp, and the prettiest girl I saw came to me and said,” Black is fine for you. ” I do not know why she said that. We chatted and we became friends, we exchanged our pseudonyms of instant messaging AOL and we stayed in touch for a while.

Kevin Walsh then explained that they lost sight of themselves at the time of the high school, but that it did not happen one day without he thinks to her.

“Even today, I can not explain why, but part of her stayed with me.

During his last year of high school, Kevin Walsh recounted that he had gone through “stupid high school problems” that seemed insurmountable to him at the time and made him fall into a depression.

“I decided to end my life,” he said. “(I) wrote a word and I went where I planned to finish.

About 5 to 10 seconds before he went to the act, his phone started ringing. He looked at the caller’s identity (he said he could not die without knowing it), it was a number he did not know, he answered and it was her.

“I asked her how she was going and she said she felt she had to call me. At that moment, it had been a year since we had not spoken, and she chose that moment to call me. To make it short, she asked me what was going on, I spat the piece and it dissuaded me from doing it. She truly told me “What? Do not do that. ” And that’s all.

“She made me promise to call her the next day, and then we hung up. That night, I began to write the words with which, ten years later, I asked her in marriage.


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