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Alain Delon in the movie “The Leopard ” by Luchino Visconti

The air aspect of Fire (under sexual-Mars / Social)


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The Subtypes of the Enneagram and the  Minor Tarot cards :

I have long wanted to tell you about the link we have made between the types of the Enneagram, their  subtypes, and the Tarot cards.

I know that for many it all seems mysterious, having not yet published anything on the subject, and in particular on our methodology of research which explains each one of our classifications.

In appearance these new classifications seem to complicate the model, but in reality it sheds unexpected light on the types of the Enneagram, but also and especially, on the famous subtypes, the badly named ones of the rest. ..

Thus we see that each subtype, independently of its associated type, has a definition of its own.

I will not enter here in more details, just maybe remember that a subtype is never, “pure”, but always associated with a second one that is minor

For example we can be a Social   and Sexual Mars at the same time, or Autopreservation and Social, etc …

As you know, for those who already follow our work, each subtype corresponds to an element of Tradition and, as we see it today, to one of the four figures of the Tarot:

Sexual Mars = Fire (Wands)

Sexual Venus = Water (Cups)

Social = Air (Swords)

Autopreservation = Earth (Pentacles)

Each figure is married to each other, so we can have the Cavalier de Coupes (the fire aspect of Water,  or the Sexual/Venus  subtype combined with sexual Mars ), the Queen of Swords (the water aspect of the Air, or the Social / Sexual venus  sub-type), the Queen of Disks (the water aspect of the Earth, or Self-preservation / sexual venus subtype), etc, etc …

Working on illustrating one of these combinations, namely the air aspect of the Fire, or in other words the Sexual Mars associated with the social sub-type in which I put Alain Delon amongst others, I come across the definition of the Prince of Aleister Crowley’s book “The Book of Toth,” which is to be mistaken only that of Trancède, the beautiful nephew of the Prince of Salina, in Luchino Visconti’s movie “The Leopard ” beauty is matched only by his intrepid and impetuous youth and rebellion. If we look at interviews on  Alain Delon, this definition suits him like a glove, which seems to stick to his skin … and to his character of Trancède, many years later !

The Prince of Wands :

The prince of Wands  tends sometimes to act on an impulse. To undergo external influences, sometimes indecisive, and  particularly for things without importance,. He is often violent, especially when he  expresses an opinion, but this one to which he  seems so formal does not necessarily entail him. He affirms with force only for the pleasure of asserting. In fact he will be very slow to make a decision, but he will always consider a question in its two aspects. Fundamentally just, he instinctively leaps that justice can not be achieved in the intellectual sphere. Excessively noble and generous of character, he can be an extravagant boastful and laughing discreetly about his boasting and his author. Fiercely romantic in particular to all that relates to history and tradition, he will make a sensational blow or make savvy jokes. He can choose a harmless person and cover him with all the jokes possible for years as Swift tormented the unfortunate Partrigde; all this without the least animosity and being ready to give him his shirt if his victim needed it. His sense of humor spares nothing and can make him a mysterious figure. fear for no reason by people who ignore everything except his name – a symbol of Terror. Pride is one of his greatest defects. He exasperates me with all mediocrity and insignificance. His courage is inexhaustible and his resistance indefatigable Always in struggle against superior forces, he always ends by winning. The main cause of all this is the immense ability to work for the job. “Without covetousness” of the result. The haughty contempt with which he considers the world-a contempt coexisting nevertheless with a profound respect marveled for every man and every woman as “star” is perhaps responsible for his attitude …

In its more negative aspect the character degenerates and we can find a great cruelty, partly imprinted with sadism and partly provoked by the insensibility that results from indifference, it can be also intolerant, partial, indolent. Finally he can also be a braggart with a hollow mind or a great coward.

Ennea -configuration of Alain Delon, in our opinion:

Mental center

Type 5

Wing 4

Cofixations: 1 and 3

Sub-types: Sexual Fire and Social

This post is also available in: Français