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Wild Rose

Type 4 Air/Social


I would like to talk to you today about the Bach Flower  Wild Rose,  flower that I know well since it corresponds to the Type 4 Air that is, this is no longer a secret for anyone, my type and my subtype in  the Enneagram system  (4 social)

I composed this mixage a few days ago without knowing that I was going to use it for this little article … An additional evodence may be  that the essences of the Flowers participate in an absolutely vibrating way to the soul of our world by doing the delicate and subtle echoes of the field of our psyche, especially as we will see it, this Flower also corresponds to the Angels n ° 43 and 44 (from Oct 25 to Nov 2) which we cross the sphere of influence today  where I am writing  this post …


Type 4 Air/Social

Here is a short defintion, as we described it :

Air: defeat/Resignation

In this configuration the disabled complex is centered on the feeling of being the scapegoat of someone who wants to trouble and disarmed us. We are beating in retreat.

Yang: The type 4 in its extroverted aspect will compensate the feeling of defeat by taking the role of the one seeking quarrel and who will knowingly abuse each other and humiliate them so that he will beat in retreat. This attitude is fundamentally based on a paranoid vision of things and leads the individual to find himself isolated from the others.

Yin: The type 4 in his introverted aspect will be resigned to his fate of scapegoat. He found himself disarmed and the target of a perverse and sadistic individual who will ill-treat until he beat in retreat.



Wild Rose :

Apathy, lack of will and resignation :

According to Dr. Edward Bach this Flower is used as a basic treatment of apathy, resignation, lack of fit and enthusiasm.

“Harmoniously developed, the Wild Rose type is able to adapt to constantly changing situations without losing sight of the positive side. He has no problem with his destiny because he gives himself up fearlessly and without resistance to the greater powers that determine everything in this life. As a realist in the best sense, he never tries to make reality (that which has happened) into something different but instead has an innocent, positive attitude and takes everything as it comes. His lack of prejudice and refusal to take things for granted makes it difficult for him to encounter any situation that will make him unhappy. Like a sapling that sways with the wind, he allows himself to be taken here and there by the whims of fate, dreamily, playfully, and willingly. He never looks at reality with preconceptions or stubborn ideas; he can see things with an inner freedom and innocence that allow him to make the best of anything he encounters.”

“Unfavorably developed, his passive, accepting nature can get the better of him. He allows himself to go through life without will or drive, and he has no interest in his life; he develops a kind of resignation that has a hint of a departure from life. He is no longer able to clearly assess his situation, to take reasonable countermeasures when required, or to ask for help. The Wild Rose syndrome does not usually consist of extreme resignation but of a lessened enthusiasm and a tendency just to let things run as they are. One has the impression that the Wild Rose type uses only a fraction of his potential and does not develop himself fully. He is not able to accomplish as much as he should and needs to stop and rest often, which leads to a limited life. If he should start a project, he comes immediately to a halt, like a vehicle stuck in the sand. His potential remains unfulfilled, he just hangs around aimlessly, and, even when things are not going well for him, he can’t pick himself up to do anything about it. He’ll do nothing to change an unhealthy living situation, he’ll stay with a lousy marriage, and he’ll take any wretched situation as it comes. If his behavior were a conscious and aware answer to an unavoidable circumstance, it would make sense as a kind of survival tactic. In this case, however, it is a sign of a pathological lack of interest and vitality and an extensive loss of creativity.” Read more Dr Gotz Blome “Advanced Bach Flower Therapy ”


Wild Rose corresponds,  according to our work,  to type 4 Air Social

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Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900 )

Type 5, wing 6

“An old solitary tree without leaves, lying in a lush orchard”

Degree of Decay or Neglect

Serious nature, promised to a rich and happy life, which will ultimately compromise his work by errors of judgment, risking criticism, disavowal or rejection. Regrets, disappointments and final solitude. Gabriel in “The Golden Sphere”, the 18th degree of the Lion, which corresponds to the type 5 Yin Fire to which F Nietzsche belongs.


Hahahel, the Angel of Spiritual Wealth:


On the occasion of the birthday of Friedrich Nietzsche, born on October 15, 1844, I wanted to make this short note, without wanting to develop any more, for want of time and certainly also of knowledge necessary for drawing up a portrait of such a character

However, the enormous richness of his personality demands that several articles be devoted to it, covering each of its many facets in the image of its lush and prodigious thought, a source of inspiration for many, contempt or fear for others, others, but which can not leave anyone indifferent.

Here today his two Angels, first his Birth Angel, Hahahel and second his Ennea-Angel , Aladiah 

Here a definition, according to Charles Raphael Payeur, of the Angel Hahahel , which brings, first light on what this extraordinary thinker :

(sorry approximative translation )

Hahahel (genius n ° 41):

Radiating with intuition

According to the teaching of the Kabbalah, Hahahel belongs to the choir of the Powers. Now this heavenly hierarchy is associated with the sixth sephirah of the tree of life, Tiphereth, which is incarnated in the visible world in the form of the Sun. Thus, in the same way as the other Powers, the plan of life that Hahahel proposes consists fundamentally in recognizing in himself his true values ​​and then radiating them fully.

As an individual, Hahahel also works with the forces of the second sephirah of the tree of life, Hochmah, which incarnates in the visible world in the form of Uranus. Thus, we can conclude that the plan of life proposed by Hahahel is more precisely to recognize in oneself its true values ​​and to radiate them by relying on its intuition. In this sense, the individual is led to develop high and original (often avant-garde) views that lead him to explore new horizons (interest in new forms of spirituality in particular) or to put his own values ​​at the service of humanity in a pure and disinterested drive (altruism).
The result is generally a spirit of independence and a sense of originality in relations with authority.

Trap: Radiate Inconsistently

The plan of life that Hahahel proposes can however be badly lived. He then leads the individual to become sensitive to spiritual values ​​without his ego, still too much imbued with himself, able to integrate them harmoniously. This sometimes results in serious mystical delusions, and in particular a tendency to believe that he is elected to save humanity or at least to think of himself as an accomplished preacher of “universal love” (strong paranoiac tendencies). There is also a tendency to sink into a delirium of persecution.


Hahahel according to Kabaleb, author of many books on the Kabbalah and the 72 Angels:

The person born under this influence will be distinguished by his greatness of soul and his energy; she/he will devote herself/himself  entirely to the service of God, and will not be afraid to suffer in martyrdom. (…) Greatness of soul leads to the last places of organized society backwards of what it should be. Let us not seek the great souls in the first lodges; do not look for them either in the press, in television, in the salons where awards are given, or in the Nobel Prize or other prizes, for they are not there …

The great Souls perform their functions in the invisible and they have enormous capital of energy to carry out their mission.
To dedicate oneself to the service of God, is to dedicate oneself to the eternal personality that each one carries within oneself (…)
The martyrdom for Christ consists in enduring mockery, contempt for society, its persecution, its hatred (…)
The contrary genius influences the apostates, the renegades and all those who dishonor the priesthood by their scandalous conduct, says the Program “

Thus Hahahel becomes the Angel, in his dark side, of the Apostasy, the wicked and the calumniators



We can to this Angel of birth affix that of his Angel in the Enneagram which is, according to us, the Angel Aladiah, which corresponds to the type 5 Sexuel mars Yin:

According to CR Payeur:

Aladiah (Genius No. 10):

Awake to mind with rigor

According to the teaching of the Kabbalah, Aladiah belongs to the choir of the Cherubim. This heavenly hierarchy is associated with the second sephirah of the tree of life, Hochmah, which is incarnated in the visible world in the form of Uranus.

Thus, in the same way as the other cherubim, the plan of life that Aladiah proposes consists basically in awakening to the values ​​of the spirit and to manifest them fully around him.

As an individual, Aladiah also works with the forces of the third sephirah of the tree of life, Binah, which incarnates in the visible world in the form of Saturn. Thus we can conclude that the plan of life proposed by Aladiah consists more precisely in awakening to the values ​​of the spirit and to manifest them fully by asceticism. The individual is thus invited to renounce the chimeras, artifices or illusions of the world in order to better transcend his state of ordinary consciousness and thus open himself to other dimensions of his being. It generally results in a taste of loneliness important though, that the native is not so asocial.

Trap: Stifle the mind by inhibiting rigor

The life plan that Aladiah proposes can however be badly lived. He then leads the individual to seek hard and austere asceticism in everything, the latter being in fact led to believe that mortification and suffering are the only possible paths of transcendence. This usually results in a morbid tendency to manic-depressive self-persecution.

According to Kabaleb, Aladiah is the Angel of Divine Grace.

Here is what he says: “Divine Grace goes further, beyond Mercy, because it forgives and innocent without the need for repentance or change of attitude.” Aladiah is good for those who have hidden crimes and are afraid of being discovered. If we are rich in Graces, we will first forgive our own faults and we will be able to forgive the faults of others. Grace demands nothing in exchange, it modifies in some way the line of conduct of the pardoned, for a state of healing comes into force and the disorders disappear.

Other articles will follow on F Nietzsche …

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The 72 Names of God or Angels in the zodiac

The 72 “Angels” require a little explanation.

Their origin goes back to the Hebrew tradition, and comes from the Psalm of the bible which speaks of the exodus and from which are drawn the 72 names of God.

This Psalm has three sentences of 72 letters each. By taking the first three letters of each of the three sentences you get a first name and so forth to give 72 names which each have 3 letters. The Hebrew tradition arranges the 72 names on the circle of the Zodiac from the 0 ° of Aries and thus each name corresponds to 5°. Thus, each sign of the Zodiac (30 °) contains 6 names (6 X 12 = 72).

This was the support of various spiritual practices in this tradition. During the Italian renaissance, some synergy occurs between the Jewish and Christian traditions, and the 72 names of God became 72 angels.

So please understand these Angels not as external beings, but as divine energies symbolized on the Zodiac and that we carry inside us.




The Rosace of the 72 Angels around the zodiac


There are 4 other levels of distribution of these Angels linked to the 4 Elements in this order Earth Water Fire Air.

If we put one Angel for 5 ° we get the Angel of Earth or the angel that governs the physical plane. If we put an Angel by degree (72 angels will occupy therefore 72 degrees and there will be 5 rounds of 72 angel on the year) it will gives us approximately an Angel by day, and this corresponds to the Angel of the water or the emotional Angel.

If one put the 72 Angels on a week (7.2 degree exactly, there will be 50 cycles of 72 angels) we get the Angel of fire or Angel of intuition. If we put the 72 angels on a day we get the Angel of Air or Angel of the mental. And finally, (but there we’ll talk another day) the 5 ° Angel is the Angel of Space or Angel of our deepest identity.

His knowledge is obtained through analogy with the Enneagram.


The 72 Angels or Archetypes in the Enneagram :

The link we did between these 72 energies and the Enneagram is possible because in our model we identified 8 subtypes (4 yin and yang 4 = 8) combining with the 9 types (8 X 9 = 72). The fourth subtype being as you know it now, the famous Sxvenus subtype, opposed to the Sxmars subytpe (See article in Enneagram Monthly  , issue 211 and 224 )

The link made between the 72 angels and 72 archetypes of the Enneagram has not been it following our inspiration or understanding but by a quite elaborate mathematical calculation and that we eventually checked in practice by observation. 

I say this because when we say that such an Angel is linked to such type of the Enneagram is not by a psychological reflection that we got there but by a logic mathematical calculation, which is much deeper.

Thus these 72 Angels or Archetypes of the Enneagram do not rank in the order of the zodiac (the first Angel in type 1, etc.), but according to a very precise order related to the four elements and their correspondences with the eight subtypes of each 9 Types

We have Angels of Fire, two by type,  so 18 Angels of Fire, then 18 Angels of Water, then Air, then Earth, which makes 72 Angels in total that cover the whole  Model of the “ Enneagram as we have elaborated it.

As example, for  type 1 :

Fire Yang  1(sexua l Mars) : Angel Vehuel n° 1

Fire Yin 1   (sexual Mars ): Angel Jeliel n°2


Air Yang 1 (social ) : Angel Aniel n° 37

Air Yin 1 (social ) : Angel Haamiah n°38

For copyright reasons, we cannot publish here the totality of the  Angels classification in the Enneagram. Thanks for understanding

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