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September 8, feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary inspires us to talk about the astrological sign of Virgo and Bacchus his astrological regent and see their links with the Enneagram.

There is a similarity between the myth of Dionysus/Bacchus and that of Christ. Benedict XVI notes in his Jesus of Nazareth: “as […] The Lord gave the bread and wine as the carriers of the new Covenant, it is certainly not forbidden to think […] and to see reflected in the Cana story the mystery of the Logos and its cosmic liturgy, in which the myth of Dionysus [Bacchus] is completely transformed while being driven to his hidden truth. »

Dionysus would have been born December 25 (winter solstice), of a Virgin, died and resurrected. Dionysos rites were to eat the bread and drink the wine that symbolized the body and the blood of dead Dionysus.  We have given the regency of the astrological sign of Virgo to the planet Makemake that we have renamed Bacchus to stay loyal to the astrological tradition of the Roman gods. Bacchus is the God of wine, and we pick the grapes when the Sun is in the sign of Virgo. The astrological Virgin carries within itself Bacchus, like grapes carries the potential of wine (the divine potential).

We chose the alchemical symbol for antimony to represent Bacchus as the Virgin Mary is sometimes represented with the cruciferous globe, a symbol in Christianity of Christ on the Earth, and symbol in Alchemy of antimony. The globe represents the virgin Earth (the philosophal mercury), the cross represents the crucifixion of mercury, that is, the death of the common mineral in the fire of the crucible, and the snake that wraps around the cross represents the purification process and the transformation that will allow the resurrection of Bacchus in the form of the philosopher’s stone.

In Bacchus and the Virgin there is a double symbolism, the crazy Virgin and unbridled Bacchus and the wise Virgin and sacrificed Bacchus. The healing of our inner Bacchus is represented by the union of opposites.

According to the Tantra of Kalachakra (Buddhist text including astrology), the twelve factors of the conditioned co-production taught by the Buddha,  are connected to the twelve signs of the zodiac. The sign of Virgo is connected to the attachment.  Dionysus represents the ability to transcend the attachment, to realize the union of bliss-passion and emptiness, the rapture pure or immaculate from of any dualistic clinging (based on the notion of a subject who perceives the pleasure and an object perceived as source of pleasure). This realization is called Mahamudra (Great Seal) which is one of the many names describing the awakening of the Buddha in Mahayana Buddhism.

The sign of Virgo is important because it is the place where is symbolically realized the union of opposites: a pole does not oppose to each other, but they are understood as having no intrinsic existence.

Bacchus in Enneagram is linked with the type 3, 6 and 9 Earth (self-preservation) which correspond respectively to the third decans of the signs of Earth (Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo) : Type 3 Earth (self-preserv.) = 3° decan Capricorn, Type 6 Earth (self-preserv.) = 3° decan Taurus and Type 9 Earth (self-preserv.) = 3° decan Virgo

This post is also available in: Français