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Illustration Mahmoud Farshian




This very deep Rumi poem speaks metaphorically of the interrelated causes of the phenomena   ( the dependant origination called Nidanas in sanskrit ) that intrude upon each other in such a compact manner that we find it difficult to discern the parts that make up what we call our Ego.

To be able to dissect each of these constituent parts, to observe how we grasp each of them, always without being aware of it , and how we deceive ourselves of the reality of these phenomena by identifying the part at all, is what we try to do when we meditate.

Let Dhiravamsa speak about the practice of Insight Meditation :



 The Meaning and Scope of Vipassana :

” The literal meaning of Vipassana is total, clear seeing, a profound and panoramic vision. This refers to seeing with the eye of wholeness, which means recognizing that nothing occurs in isolation or independently, that problems need to be seen within the context of whole systems. Seeing in this way, we are able to perceive the intrinsic web of interconnectedness underlying our experience and merge with it. For example, we acknowledge the ways in which we are extraordinary arid miraculous, and at the same time do not hose sight of the ways in which we are simultaneously nothing special, just part of a larger unfolding, as waves on the sea. We can call the rising up and falling back in such brief moment’s “ life spans.” Together with this way of seeing is total freedom from what Albert Einstein called “optical delusion of consciousness,” or “moha” according to the Buddha. Furthermore, seeing in the Vipassana way frees us from the incessant distortions characteristic of our everyday emotional and thought processes, distortions that, as we have seen, can continually undermine the experiencing of our intrinsic wholeness. ”


Insight Medition and Enneagram :

” With regard to the Buddha’s teaching on “How suffering arises and where it ends” or “Paticcasamyppada – Dependent Origination,” I find it very important for all of us to know and to put it into practice. The reason being that the most essential work on the enneagram lies in a complete and precise comprehension of all the ennea-types or characters, their interrelationships, their ruling passions, and how to put an end to their compulsive patterns of conditioning, or how to liberate ourselves from these passions and to break down the character structures of the ennea-types. To put it in the Buddha’s terminology, the enneagram itself is suffering or sankkhâra-dukkha in Pali, the ennea-types’ ruling passions are the root causes of suffering which need to be utterly eliminated or transformed, and total freedom from the ennea-types is equal to Nirvana in life (the utter ending of suffering and the blowing out once and for alt of all the fires that burn our lives,) and the means whereby such a goal can be achieved, is Insight Meditation. This basic meditation comprises the five indispensable factors of the Buddha’s middle path: They are right understanding, right thinking, right mindfulness, right perseverance, and right samadhi (inner stability and peace of mind.) By understanding and practicing the paticcasamuppada in daily life you will be able to speed up as well as to complete your work on the enneagram, which will bear great fruit in your life. ”


I would like to end this conclusion by referring to the Buddha’s wise words in the Dhammapada, which are jewels for everyone :


“Those who are aware and awake always rise.

To no abode are they attached; (not dwelling on any States of mind)

Like the swans that quit their ponds,

Water after water they abandon (and go on.)”


Vigilant and fully aware among the inattentive,

Totally awake among those failing asleep,

The wise person proceeds rapidly

As a fast horse leaving behind a weak nag.”

“Knowing that self-love is first and foremost

One should hold a high esteem for one’s self. During any of the three phases of life

The wise should keep lively vigil.”

Excerpt of the book of Dhiravamsa : Enneagram and Vipassana Meditation

Dhiravamsa, Vipassana master, living in Grand Canaria